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Simple, fast, and affordable optical measurement of reflective surfaces at nanometric precision

Wyse Light invented coaxial deflectometry to make reliable high precision optical measurement easier and more accessible


A push-button instrument with no need of fine alignments. To lift the fundamental shape ambiguity associated with deflectometry, we have invented and patented coaxial deflectometry, an innovative implementation that yields nanometric precision that even a child can use.


Deflectometry is capable of measuring complex shapes and freeforms with no need of costly nulls or CGHs. Middle and high spatial frequencies are measured with a typical 5 nm accuracy, and the low frequency (focus and astigmatism) with a typical 20 nm accuracy.


Integrated calibration bench for camera/lens sight rays characterization. Self-calibrating: camera and screen positions are numerically fine-tuned for each measurement. Low sensitivity to parasitic vibrations: no damped optical table required! Low sensitivity to air turbulence.

Nanometric precision with our easily deployed tabletop setup

WYSE light Ray Master is composed of a sensor head and a display screen, that can be used on a regular desk tabletop, deflectometry being basically insensitive to vibrations.

We have made extensive measures on various items with partners equiped with Taylor&Hobson Luphoscan and compared the results with the measures on our instrument. This example shows differences in measures on a concave spherical mirror f = 200 mm, φ = 50 mm.

Comparison with interferometry. Average difference is 19nm (0.032 wave)

Deflectometry vs our patented coaxial deflectometry

Deflectometry is a technique that has long been known in the field of optical metrology of reflective objects. It is based on the analysis of the image of periodic patterns reflected by the object under examination, that carries in some way information about the object shape.

A well know limitation of deflectometry for shape measurement is a fundamental ambiguity: there are an infinite number of solutions for the shape, depending on the unknown camera-to-object distance. WYSE light patented technology, coaxial deflectometry, overcomes this limitation.

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