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About us

Our Story

Wyse Light was created in March 2021 by Yves Surrel, PhD, Ecole Normale Supérieure graduate, expert in optical metrology with a rich academic and industrial background. For Yves Surrel, this project is the culmination of a career as a researcher, both in the public sector (as a teacher-researcher at the École des mines de Saint-Étienne and then as professor of instrumentation at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in Paris and at the National Institute of Metrology, INM – now attached to LNE) and in the private sector (as director of research and development in the company Visuol Technologies in Metz, France).

Deflectometry challenges…

Yves Surrel has dedicated his professional career to providing solutions to optical metrology problems. In particular, he has worked extensively on the technique of deflectometry. This technique is already being used for surface quality control and precision measurement applications. It has several decisive advantages over interferometry, which is the reference technique on the market (ease of implementation, independence from environmental conditions, cost price, etc.). On the other hand, its use faces theoretical and implementation difficulties that had not been resolved until now.

…overcome with innovative patented technology

Thanks to the French Bank of Investment’s (BPI) support in the form of  a French Tech grant, Yves Surrel has succeeded in developing and patenting a measurement method based on deflectometry that solves the very complex difficulties that accompany it. He called this method coaxial deflectometry, based on its principle and mode of operation. He has also developed a measuring device that implements this method. The results of comparative measurements made against very expensive devices on the market ($100K>1M) based on interferometry show equivalent or even better performance (ability to measure freeforms more efficiently). This device also has the advantages of being simple to implement and use, space-saving, and affordable.

Our mission

Wyse Light’s mission is to support customers that need high precision optical metrology devices worldwide to measure reflective surface like mirrors and freeforms, by providing them with simple, fast, reliable, and accurate products based on coaxial deflectometry.